Park free for 2 hours, everyday, wherever there is a designated black pole and signage. Metered, city-owned parking lots, North and South of 7th Avenue will be enforced 8AM thru 3AM, Monday thru Friday, with users paying $0.75 per hour. City lots will be free Saturday until 10PM, and all day Sunday to promote daytime business.

City of Tampa Parking (Pictured Below)

1Fernando Noriega Jr. Garage – 2010 North 13th Street – Bounded by Nick Nuccio Parkway, East 8th Avenue, North 13th Street, and East 9th Avenue
2Centro Ybor Garage – 1500 E. 5th Avenue – North of East 5th Avenue, bounded by North 15th Street and North 16th Street
3Ybor Lot 3 – 1701 North 19th Street – North of East 6th Avenue, bounded by North 19th Street and North 20th Street
4Ybor Lot 5 – 1812 North 19th Street – South of East 8th Avenue, bounded by Angel Oliva Senior Street and North 19th Street
5Ybor Lot 6 – 1813 North 19th Street – South of East 8th Avenue, bounded by North 19th Street and North 20th Street


Parking Rates
Centro Ybor Garage and Fernando Noriega Jr. Garage
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Daily Rates:
0-3 hours – $1
3-4 hours – $3
4-5 hours – $4
5-6 hours – $6
6+ hours – $8
There is a $1.00 charge at both garages for the first three hours, with the exception of Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. On these nights a flat fee will be charged upon exit to patrons entering the garage after 10:00 P.M. and exiting before 5:00 A.M. as follows:

Centro Ybor
Fernando Noriega Jr. Garage
Thursday Night:    Flat rate after 10pm
Friday Night:    Flat rate after 10pm
Saturday Night:    Flat rate after 10pm

For more information, please call (813) 242-5483

Tour Bus Drop Off/ Parking: Drop off is at 9th Avenue & 16th Street. Bus Parking is at 12th Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets and is available at no charge.

Valet Services: Pick up and drop off is available on the 9th Avenue side of Centro Ybor. Valet parking is $4.00 with validation ($5.00 without) on Sunday thru Thursday. Friday and Saturday parking is $5.00 with validation and $10.00 without validation.



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